Time Traveling at Dickens Fair

This year's attendance of Dickens Fair was a delight as always. Despite the strong threat of rain, amazingly I managed to arrive for the opening under heavy skies but no rain in sight. The venue is dimly lit, to simulate shopping along the streets of jolly ol' London town in the Victorian period. Due to this, sadly it's not the most amazing place for taking photos, but I always give it a try in hopes of a few turning out.

I don't have much that would equate to appropriate period wear, but choose what I thought would be close enough. This solid color Meta dress full of pin tucks, ruffles and lots of buttons seemed the most appropriate. You can't see it very well, but there's a high neck blouse from Innocent World hiding under there. Temperatures inside the building are usually chilly until it fills with people later in the day, so I choose an Aatp caplet to keep the drafts away.   For a change this year, I decided to wear my handmade bonnet. If you've been following my blog for several years, you may remember when I shared photos of it. Check out the old post for more photos. Now I will admit that it's not from the time period as Dickens, but as it's still a bonnet, I ran with it. I've been thinking about sewing one up from scratch, so we'll see if I tackle that next year. I don't have very many opportunities to wear a bonnet, so needless to say this project will be a bit low on my to-do list. Continue reading
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2019 Fukubukuro (Lucky Packs)

I adore following the lucky pack fever every year, even if I don't buy most of the time. This year though I am really wanting to fill some holes in my wardrobe (I took a three year shopping break and feel like I missed tons of fun themes), so I'm holding out hope for something interesting.

If you want to pick up a lucky pack, make sure to check the brands website or social media for all the details. Some may be offered only in store and not online for international purchase.

Here is who we have so far:

- Alice & the Pirates Harajuku (added 11/29)

- Angelic Pretty online (added 11/28)

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International Lolita Day Winter 2019 Edition

I spent a rainy and breezy International Lolita Day out at the fine arts museum. It has been quiet some time since I actually remembered ILD and didn't want miss it!  The museum's latest exhibit is "East Meets West: Jewels of the Maharajas from The Al Thani Collection", on show through Feb 24th, 2019.

The finished jewelry and loose stones were a sight to behold. There were many pieces from the Cartier design house, as they were most favored by the Maharajas. Sadly absolutely no photography was allowed, so you will just have to use your imagination or see if the exhibition will be touring in your area.

Coordinate details:
JSK, blouse, hat, socks: Aatp
Umbrella, bracelet, bag: Btssb
Necklace: Meta

The museum has a very delicious cafe where I joke about having had pie shaped lunch x2. That is the main course was a butternut and mushroom quiche and for dessert I had an apple almond tart. So delicious! I am very glad I skipped regular apple tart and went for the almond version instead.

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A Little Piece of Home

Sometimes when I start to miss San Francisco I go make a cup of tea. Mind you I do drink tea just about all day long of one type or another, but I mean a special cup of tea. I will get out my favorite leaves and select a particularly special tea ball to brew them in. So why is this tea ball so special you may be asking? Well, not long after I had to move back to Texas a mysterious box arrived. I hadn't ordered anything, what could it be? Turns out some very sweet friends had put together a care package full of goodies to surprise me. One of the items inside was this tiny tea pot shaped tea ball.    Not only is it shaped like a tea pot but it also comes with a delicate scallop edged plate to rest it on when you're done using it. See the chain? If you pull gently the lid pops off so you can place the tea inside.    Whoever designed it seems oh so cleaver to me, as by running the chain through the handle it keeps the lid from popping open when you place the tea ball into your cup.  The only drawback may be that the chain is a bit too short to hang it over the side of your cup, but I don't mind. I still think it makes some of the best tea in the house because of the lovely thoughts behind its arrival in my life. Continue reading
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Growing My Hexie Garden

After such a positive experience with my earlier swap, I stumbled upon a hexie flower swap. This one is less organized but it's also international. I have become quiet addicted to english paper piecing and can't seem to stop! 
I started this project about three weeks ago and in the last week the flowers have really started to land in my mailbox. It's so exciting to receive fun mail!
Here are all of my amazing flowers thus far. The separate lower ones have come in over the last week.
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I’ve plunged into La Passacaglia

If you follow quilting much on social media, you may be familiar with the growing english paper piecing trend, especially the amazing La Passcacaglia pattern.

After seeing many amazing wheels created and their fantastic kaleidoscope of patterns I caved and bought myself the book and some supplies at a quilt show.

Here is my progress so far, I just finished my first wheel this week.

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