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Apple Space – It’s Almost Announcement Time

Today a new Apple product is being unveiled and while a lot of people get to see the inside of the building thanks to the press of this highly broadcast event, I thought you may want to see what the … Continue reading

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Sumo Day In Japantown

This past weekend my local Japantown hosted a Sumo Day exhibition featuring some pretty top notch wrestlers from the USA Sumo circuit. I have always wanted to attend a Sumo match, so I wasn’t about to miss this chance come … Continue reading

Daily Adventures

Tea Time, Coordinates & Adventures

I know it’s been a while since I have shared here, things have just been a bit on high pace of late. I am going to be trying to get things organized more and back into the habit of sharing … Continue reading

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The Temptation of Fluevogs

I went by and tried on some Fluevog shoes the other day and am now officially quiet wanton to own a pair…or a few. XD They were immensely comfortable, fit amazingly and above all they looked incredible! Plus even though … Continue reading

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A Finch Egg Has Arrived

I’m super excited to say that my Star Finches have finally laid an egg in their new nest! 😀 I say new…let me back up. Last Friday they laid in egg in the simple nest they have been trying to … Continue reading

Daily Adventures

Morning Tea: A Change of Pace

So for whatever reason this morning I decided to get out some of the finery of breakfast and set the table all shiny for the braking of fast. I don’t want to ramble on to much here (as forthcoming posts … Continue reading

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