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International Lolita Day Winter 2019 Edition

I spent a rainy and breezy International Lolita Day out at the fine arts museum. It has been quiet some time since I actually remembered ILD and didn’t want miss it!  The museum’s latest exhibit is “East Meets West: Jewels … Continue reading

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Tea On The Brain

Well hello there, it has been a while! Alas I have been kept away by work and family over the Autumn holidays. I have been busy taking lots of photo’s but haven’t been able to post them here as of … Continue reading

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It Was Another Hot One

While not being super crazy, the weekend was pretty full as my in laws were over to socialize. Despite that I spent most of Saturday morning at the salon getting my nails done along with a pedicure. Instead of a … Continue reading

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What IS in that bag??

There are many times when I’ll be at the mall and pass someone with a huge bag and I’ll be thinking, “Whoa! What all IS in that bag!?” So I love LOVE when magazines show more personal details of models, … Continue reading

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Nail Deco & Daily Snap

I stayed up till 2am last night decoing my nails and waiting on them to dry while watching Nana (anime version). The cats were super happy about the whole thing as they piled around me on the couch. haha The … Continue reading

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Breazy Day in the Sun

Today was pretty much made of awesome sauce and couldn’t have been a more perfect Sunday. Instead of pouring down rain it turned out beautiful, so I just couldn’t stand to spend the whole day inside, I had to get … Continue reading

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