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A fun quilt with 30s Prints

While I have been waiting on my green quilt to get back from being quilted, I stitched together a slightly smaller sized quilt top. I have been jokingly calling it my “large lap quilt”. I have a real soft spot … Continue reading

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More Ottoman Fun

I’m super excited to say my ottoman is now done and wow is it huge! I read the size the directions gave, but when you see it in person it’s just well…so much! Ha! Part one of my progress can … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fabric Friday

Since I have started back up sewing again, I have slowly been trying to start a fabric stash. Admittedly usually I like to make things by collections, but sometimes singles leap off the shelf at me and beg to be … Continue reading

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Quilty Fun – Green Batiks

Quilt in progress A lot has happened in my life in the past few years and I find myself drawn again to the crisp feel of fabric in my hands and a strong desire to sew. Sewing for me means … Continue reading

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Making an Ottoman

Project in Progress It won’t be long now and I will be able to move into my new house, it is just a couple of months away. It’s so close that it’s tempting to think about it in weeks so … Continue reading

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Handmade Bonnet Adventure Time

About a week or two ago I hit upon the idea that I wanted a fancier bonnet than the one’s I have thus far. While plain solid colored ones are good for understated days, I wanted something with more pizazz. … Continue reading

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