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A Little Piece of Home

Sometimes when I start to miss San Francisco I go make a cup of tea. Mind you I do drink tea just about all day long of one type or another, but I mean a special cup of tea. I … Continue reading

Daily Adventures, Tea Time

Tea Review: Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Ginseng Vitality

Yesterday while out and about I picked up two new teas from Teavana and wanted to share my reviews of them. Raspberry Riot & Lemon Mate blend / Ginseng Vitality Here are dry samples of both tea’s: Raspberry on the … Continue reading

Tea Time

Tea Time: Week Ending 05/14 – Music, Space, Skin Care, Dollfies & Crafting

This week has certainly been a long one and I am very glad that it is at last coming to a close. But it’s only Friday you say? Well yes, okay…you have me there, let’s say at least the work … Continue reading

Tea Time