Tea Review: Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Ginseng Vitality

Yesterday while out and about I picked up two new teas from Teavana and wanted to share my reviews of them.
teacup Raspberry Riot & Lemon Mate blend / Ginseng Vitality teacup
Here are dry samples of both tea's: Raspberry on the left and Ginseng on the right. The Raspberry smells amazing and has large pieces of fruit peel you can see right in the mix. The Ginseng reminds me of bits of wood and bark but it smells quiet pleasant. Raspberry Tea and Ginseng
Brewing time for both of these tea's is 5-6 minutes. I chose to brew them for 5 minutes so as not to over expose the leaves. Check out the amazing color! Again, Raspberry on the left, Ginseng on the right. Some little bits of leaves escaped my tea balls, that's the sediment at the bottom of the cups. Steaped Tea
teacup Raspberry Riot & Lemon Mate blend The color of this tea reminds me of watermelon! It has a strong raspberry and citrus aroma (thus the name I'm sure!) which is very pleasant. Drinking this tea is like summer in a cup, it has a very clean refreshing taste with an after flavor of lemon. So if you like lemon tea I really recommend this one! I also tried it chilled and have decided it's my perfect brew for the rest of summer's hot days this year.
teacup Ginseng Vitality The aroma of this tea is lightly citrus with tart undertones. To taste it is to have slight spices hint at you elusively and for orange peel to 'peek a boo' your taste buds. I found this a very soothing experience, should be wonderful for when the weather starts to turn cooler and I take a pot out on the porch. Many tea leaves will allow you to give them a second and sometimes third steeping and with fabulous results. This picture here is from the second steeping, you can see the color is completely washed out for both types. Second tea steeping
Unfortunately neither tea fared well given to this technique. The Raspberry sadly had next to no bouquet and the flavor was something next to lemon water. The Ginseng fared a little better as it had a decreasing in bouquet but was still pleasant. The flavor was about half as spicy as a 1st steep but lacks the hints of orange peel.

Overall opinions of these tea's: Raspberry Riot & Lemon Mate blend Aroma: crowncrowncrowncrown Color: crowncrowncrowncrowncrown Taste: crowncrowncrowncrown Ginseng Vitality Aroma: crowncrowncrown Color: crowncrowncrowncrown Taste: crowncrowncrowncrown
If these tea's are of interest to you, seak out your nearest Teavana shop or check online. No I do not work for Teavana, this was NOT a sponsored ad, I just really love tea. rose
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  1. Oh I loved this post! I wish we had a Teavana here so I could try those particular blends, I’m a crazy tea lover too ^_^

  2. Oh that raspberry tea sounds BEAUTIFUL! It’s been raining here all week, and i’d love some summer in a teacup :(.

    • It has been raining here loads too. 🙁 Rains every Summer afternoon for about an hour and then when Autumn starts nearing it rains almost all day for weeks. Ugh, so I really know what you mean!!

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