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This week I thought I would explore the idea of romantic rooms and how to add a touch to any area. Now even I admit that the word romantic is somewhat cliche, perhaps you could call them nostalgic? Victorian-like? Which ever term you prefer I think this type of ethereal feeling is what endears these types of interiors to myself and many others. one two three four five six seven eight
Creating the Look Let's take a look at the term Victorian from this dictionary excerpt:
noting or pertaining to the massive, elaborate work characteristic especially of the period c1855–80, derived mainly from the Baroque and Gothic styles and characterized by the presence of heavy carved ornament, elaborate moldings, etc., by the use of strong and generally dark colors, by the frequent use of dark varnished woodwork, by the emphasis on geometrical form rather than on textural effects, and frequently by an effect of harshness.
So when your looking at a room what part of the elements appeal to you the most? Perhaps it's the intricate petal shapes and textures often found in room moldings and headboards? Is it the color pallet or perhaps the softness in the fold of the draperies? While some shapes and colors have certainly changed in this modern day from their Victorian counterparts, most romantic rooms still hold similar elements which are easy to incorporate into your own decor if you have a mind to do so. What's that? You say that you don't have a large budget in which to decorate with but you want to still create a romantic feeling? I say you can! Let's take some cue's from these examples. nine This room takes a simple two tone color pallet and still manages to make things feel delicate. See the drapes, they are more than likely made from a single length of sheer cloth. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, just something sheer to give the effect. To give it even more interest the fabric was gathered at intervals which also helps to give it volume and adds style points to the otherwise simplistic room. Also note that basic trim molding was fixed to the wall, which helps to breakup the space of a large bare wall. Trim molding can be found at your hardware store for on the cheep if you go with a basic style, especially if you don't mind painting it yourself. The more elaborate the trim is the more it will say 'hello' to your wallet, so keep this in mind while shopping. It doesn't weigh much, so a few tacking nails will hold it up just fine, no need for anything drastic. If trim won't work in your space then think of using paint to create the same effect. Paint the large area of your wall one color and then you can mask off your 'trim' and paint it a soft white. ten The biggest point I can make to you is details details, decorating in this style is all in the little details. This room doesn't have a huge commanding presence, but it does have romantic touches which work together to create a whole. The half heigth painted wall adds a big pop of color and from there the color has been drawn out with the decorative touches. A floral pillow here, the colored phone, even the silk flowers draw things all together. Note the tea cup and the tiny lace parasol, all of it adds up. Don't forget to add texture to your room. eleven Soft whimsical elements may be more your style, but if you fancy yourself not so fantastic in the painting department then keep an eye out for vinyl wall decals. I think I've been seeing them just about everywhere lately and they depict everything from chandeliers to flying birds. thirteen Perhaps you are in a dorm room? Yes, you too can add some romantic elements! Don't overlook how much a simple vase of flowers can add to an area, perhaps you can even add in a tea pot (plus it's functional too!). Lamp shades and picture frames can also add a lot of charm to your area. fourteen Again, simple can work for a romantic area. This basic layout's most fancy item is the half table, but it's been colored with a 'pop' from the floral vase. These same colors have been transported across the room by the fringed throw, which also works nicely to spruce up a basic style chaise lounge. fifteen What is more romantic to most than a rose? Silk flowers can be a lot of fun to decorate with and add charm and grace without making you feel like you need to be an interior designer to accomplish that romantic feeling. Simply entwine them around foot boards such as this or wrap them around the tall poles of floor lamps. Romantic style is what you make of it, why don't you take some of these ideas and see what you can create with your space. If you do I would love to see what you come up with.
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  1. I love this post!
    I like the computer desk suggestion for dorms. <3
    You are a fantastic lady

  2. Gorgeous post! I LOVE the room in the second photo ♥ Looking at all of these pictures makes me want my own room even more ;__; I have a lot of ideas I’ve been storing away to one day unleash when I finally get my OWN room~ haha

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