Good Food, Tunes and Packing

The past two weeks have seriously been a roller coaster, but I’m hanging on as best I can. ^_^ The move has been expedited to the end of the month. Yep, that’s roughly about three weeks for me to get everything packed up. Let’s just say it’s pretty busy around here. I’ve been trying out some new recipes lately to keep me motivated. Check out this pie I made using mandarin oranges, it was soooo tasty! I wanted to make pear, but when digging in the pantry discovered what I thought was pear were actually cans of mandarin oranges instead. Why I had eight can’s I cannot remember! I think I may make another in a week or so to try and use up the rest, so good!
I’ve also been trying my hand at new main course dishes, like this mapo tofu and also shrimps with chili sauce. Mmm…so tasty! I think I liked the mapo tofu the best, but the shrimps were okay. I may experiment with changing the spicing next time.
I have pretty much decided that my new favorite garnish is soy sprouts, those little guys go with everything! That and chili sauce, I’m even putting it on my green salads now in place of dressing. So good AND it’s nice and spicy. 😀 I love salads, but after a while I get really tired of my usual dressing selections. This past Tuesday a pile of moving boxes showed up, so now instead of just sorting/donating I am in full blown packing mode (and still sorting whatever I missed). Those metal brackets which you can see laying on top of the upper most stack are for hanging clothes on. I'm beyond excited these boxes were available and I won't have weeks of ironing in my future from clothing folded tightly into boxes.
I am really shocked at how heavy everything adds up too. How on earth do all the DVDs add up to 67.8 pounds?? I have no idea! (The scary thing is we’ve already parted with several.)
Bonus arrival also on Tuesday of a new CD I ordered to help packing move along, Dark Labyrinth Vol. 2. Good timing Mr. Postman! 😀 Here’s a track list: 01. GPKISM / Immolare 02. Seileen / Kyoraku 03. Vanished Empire / Mindless Outer God 04. Spectrum-X / 12 Clock Strikes 05. Rose Noire / Alert 06. BLAMHONEY / Amplified psycho cell (〜Hyper Aesthesia〜Remake Version) 07. Noir du'Soleil / Guilt 08. BESPA KUMAMERO / BK's "Je suis fou" (feat. voice:ELECTRONIKBOY) 09. HimemaniK / THE BEAST 10. Takuya Angel / Matsuri 11. 2 Bullet / One-sided 12. DJ SiSeN feat. GPK / Zi Qian 13. G.O.T.H / Der letzte Vampir Kuss So far I’m enjoying DJ SiSeN and Rose Noire with Bespa Kumamero following close behind. Even though it’s only Thursday I have already listened to it several times through while driving to and from work. I am really enjoying all the songs, but those are just my favorites of the moment. I am going to do my best to keep up with posting here, but my schedule will continue to be sporadic while the packing continues. I have a draft for the latest That’s Amore post but I haven’t quiet been able to finish it up yet. Hopefully I can sit down long enough to do that soon-ish. ^^; I also have shopping from January through early February I still want to post about. Sheesh. ^^; One more thing real quick, while out running errands last weekend I ran across this stunning peacock tea set! Isn't it just gorgeous?! I didn't buy it or anything, I barely had time to grab a photo as I dashed by. It dawned on me when I was back home that I didn't even check to see how much it was. O.o
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  1. Jennifer

    Best of luck in your move!

  2. Catherine

    What recipe did you use for that pie, and how’d you cut out those pretty shapes?

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