Quick Trip To Japantown

Wednesday afternoon I made my first trip to Japantown in my own car and let me tell you, it felt pretty weird. XD It was supposed to rain today and I wanted to see the cherry blossoms in case the rain really inundates them before the festival this weekend. Thankfully it didn't rain anywhere around me, sooooo...yeah. heh
While there I stopped by Kinokuniya Books to pick up the latest issue of the Lolita Bible and also the April issue of Sweet which comes with a Cher bag this month! \:D/ I'm thrilled with this bag because it's the perfect size for future book and magazine shopping trips.
I also couldn't resist snagging up some Re-ment! Oh yes, I am in sooo much trouble having Re-ment at my local fingertips now. XD I'm thrilled to get my hands on a second cafe table and chairs set (much needed for the dollhouse project) and ecstatically discovered a hina matsuri set! Score!
After all that fun we snagged up dinner at an amazing sushi bar in the area, one of the type with the little boats that brings the sushi to you! 😀
After talking to the super nice staff-chan I learned this weekend should be SUPER packed, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get back in anyway. ^^; I received a sticker with my purchase, so I decided to make my laptop have "Alice and the Pirates" inside. XD
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  1. Umi

    Glad you’re getting settled in. We should totally do an SF blogger’s meetup sometime.

  2. Isobune’s unagi/crab/avocado handroll is my favorite! I seriously miss it now that I don’t live in SF. Luckily I’ll be visiting next month 😀

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