Last Full Day In Texas

After all of the craziness with the movers I was very much looking forward to a Friday of nothing but errands and socializing with family before a very early Saturday flight. Kicked off the day with breakfast at the hotel, which was appropriately a waffle shaped like the state of Texas which you get to cook yourself. heh
After that I went to my nail salon to say goodbye and have my nails fixed up one last time. Moving was super hard on my nails, even though I had them cut short I still managed to completely break off a pinkie nail and crack the acrylic on another. My nail tech was all "what did you do!?" when I showed them to her. Oh how I will miss her badly! Unlike most salons in that area she let me keep my natural nail and applied the acrylic as an overlay instead of insisting that she cut off my real nail and apply a tip. I really dislike tips as they are so thick and thus it makes it hard to pick up things sometimes. πŸ™ After that I went over to my favorite tea house for lunch and to say goodbye to the lovely owner there. You would think with Houston being southern there would be grand tea salons, but it is not so. Dallas amazingly enough has the grander establishments but I was never able to attend one. For my last lunch there I chose a tuna salad sandwich on marbled rye with sun chips. Tea selection was a house blend called "Lady in Red" which is a pomegranate infused black tea; definitely my favorite of the establishment.
I haven't shared pictures before, so here are a couple interior shots to show the decor; quiet lovely I think. Other tea rooms I've visited in the South have been decorated in a kitschy country style which I really dislike as it just seems cluttered, so this place is very refreshing! The black squiggles on the back wall are actually hand painted words saying 'tea' in many different languages.
Afterwards it was the usual "I'm leaving town" kind of errands; visit the bank, mail some things, etc. and then I went back to the hotel and just rested for a while till family arrived. Then I whisked my mum-n-law away back to the tea room as I had always wanted to take her but she was never able to go with me. It was quite pleasant just the two of us chatting over some tea. When you know you won't see someone for a while there is never enough time to chat, we actually stayed until the shop closed and we were the last one's out the door. I had a spicy orange tea while she had a light chamomile and mint blend.
Met back up with the guys for dinner, many toasts and then back to the hotel to pack for the plane. When we left the apartment the luggage was sort of thrown together in the assumption we would pack more appropriately when we had time at the hotel. heh So I enjoyed chatting with family while having a little wine and packed up all my dolls and luggage to make the journey. Everyone wanted to stay up and chat but that 5:30 am wakeup call was going to be awfully early.
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  1. Hope everything will turn out well in your new place!

  2. So you’re from Texas? Moving to another state must have been a youth decision. I’m sure you’ll be visiting from time to time with family being there. But I’m glad you’re here πŸ™‚

    • Yes I’m from Texas, though I’m not thinking I will be missing it all that much. Family is already talking of visiting me here in San Francisco, so all should go well. ^_^

  3. Gaah.. youth should be tough

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