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I am trying to get back on track this week with my regular postings, do bare with me while I'm still sifting through piles of moving boxes. ^^; Remember this room from last time? I am quiet fond of the wall trim above the bed and wanted to duplicate this look in my new place except using just paint. nine
Here we are in my bedroom, it has a simple white wall and white ceiling. The white on white combo is actually all over the apartment and it's one of the little details which I really dislike as it's just so boring and clinical feeling. I am lucky in the fact that it's okay to paint here as long as I repaint when I'm ready to move out. I had an entire week of being in a big empty place while waiting on my boxes to arrive, so it was truly the perfect time to get all of the painting accomplished. Step 1: Tape off any area's you want to protect from painting 'oops'. In this case it's the adjoining wall, floor board and around the window ledge. I only want to paint this single wall, my accent wall which will be the main focus of the room. Bedroom Accent Wall
Ideally I really wanted to create a strong bordeaux colored wall, but due to the fact dark colors make a space feel smaller I decided to choose a softer tone from the same color story called "Rose Embroidery". Bedroom Accent Wall with paint
Step 2: Next up, tape off your design area. I created some templates out of cardboard to mimic the paneling design I wanted and lightly traced them up onto the wall with a pencil. After that it's tape time, make sure to take your time and firmly press the paint side edges down so you'll get a nice crisp line after you remove the tape. (Make sure to use a type of painters tape, as regular tape may remove the wall color.) Bedroom Accent Wall taping off
I know it's difficult to see here, but for my accent color I chose "Rose of Sharon" as stark white would be too bright and look out of place. Step 3: Remove the tape and ta-da, your 'paneling' is now complete. Bedroom Accent Wall painted accent panels
Here is the completed look after all of my things showed up at the end of the week and were unboxed. I still need to hang curtains, but the window is a rather odd L shape so that's a challenge for another day. Bedroom Accent Wall decorated room
I also painted a wall in my living room, this time using a blue shade with steal undertones called "Respite". Living Room Accent Wall
I didn't do any specialty painting on this wall as it will have quiet a bit of furniture on it, but I think it certainly helps to lend more character to the space. Living Room Accent Wall
Here is a better picture of the blue shade as I know the room lighting is a little odd in this photo. Living Room Accent Wall Paint color
If you try your hand at painting an accent wall with 'paneling' do share as I would love to see it. =)
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  1. This is beautiful! I can’t wait to have a place of my own to personalize. You’re an inspiration <3

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