Cherry Blossom Festival

Last weekend I made sure to slip over to Japantown for their 44th annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I arrived around noon but it was already getting crowded. This photo was taken right before entering the fenced off section of street.
I made sure to wear Black Peace Now / Peace Now clothes while out and about to show my support. (This picture proves to me without a doubt that my usual 'go to' petticoat is dead, need to work on it or sew a new one.) The day was a bit overcast and very bright, thus my squinty face. ^^; First thing I did upon arriving was head straight to the BPN store to see if a jacket I had seen in their latest update was still available. I had been staring at this jacket online all week, loved it and was really hoping it would still be there. It was! Happily snatched that up plus a clip on brooch which should look stellar with so many coordinates.
Afterward there was a lot of wandering around and being disappointed as I couldn't find anything. I didn't see any signs directing you to various events/displays either, so it was disappointing. I had been hoping to see amazing feats of origami, ikebana and bonsai but couldn't find them. πŸ™ There was supposed to be taiko drumming somewhere, but didn't hear any of that either. All of that wondering created a need for lunch, so after standing in line a bit to be shown to my seat I ordered up this amazing tamago-don. It was sooo good but twice as large as I expected, so had to stop myself from wanting to eat till I popped. XD
Even though I was having a hard time finding things I did stumble upon a vendor selling hanami dango, yum! Snagged up two, one to eat right away and the other for after I returned home. :-9
While I couldn't find the actual bonsai display I did rediscover a permanent shop that sells bonsai along with everything else you could possibly need to care for one.
This same shop also sold lucky bamboo, which upon discovery instantly improved my day as I have been wanting to find some for ages. Made the trip back home after purchasing some and busily went to work. Here I have a lucky cat planter I already owned, plus the pebbles and bamboo I picked up at the shop.
The bamboo was sold in single pieces of varying sizes, I picked up seven short stalks so they would have plenty of growing room. In order to have them stay in configuration in my planter though I had to bind them together somehow. All I could find was some sewing string, so I wrapped it around multiple times in hopes it will hold firm long enough for the bamboo to establish itself.
Here it is all put together and sitting on my sunny window sill. πŸ™‚
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  1. Oo are you from SF? I went to the festival too but I didn’t see you ; o ; I’m sad that BPN is closing down tho…What jacket did you get?

    • Yes, I’m from SF! ^_^ I wasn’t able to go to also go to the festival on Sunday as I had originally planned as I wasn’t feeling well; so if you went that day I’m afraid I missed you. πŸ™ The jacket I bought from BPN is shown in the third picture in this post. =) I am hoping so hard that they do not have to close!

  2. Omgggg that BPN jacket is GORGEOUS. I would love to go to Japantown someday πŸ™‚

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