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I am not usually one for liking novelty shaped tea pots, most of the time they seem to be more kitschy than graceful; but every once in a while a company or designer comes along to make me turn around and notice them. That is exactly what has happened with James Sadler Teapots. Their designs of traditional English buildings and country houses reminiscent of quaint village life are something I find quiet charming. All styles are crafted in find bone china, hold about two cups and are at a wonderful price point for their quality as they retail around fifty dollars when released. I don't have any of these in my collection yet, but I'd like to think one day I will. πŸ™‚
Anne Hathaway's Cottage Just over a mile away from the town center in Shottery, near Stratford, stands historical Anne Hathaway's Cottage. The cottage was the childhood home of William Shakespeare's future wife, Anne Hathaway. While the teapot is breathtakingly beautiful, it can hardly depict the multiple levels and history of the substantial residence. The house remained in the Hathaway family for several generations, until 1746 when John Hathaway passed, and left the Hathaway males extinct. The property passed through his sister Susanna to her son, John Hathaway Taylor. His son, William Taylor, lived at the cottage until his death in 1846; however, financial burdens forced him to sell the house in 1840. He and his daughter, Mary, were permitted to inhabit the house as tenants. In 1892, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust bought the property, and appointed Mary as first custodian; unfortunately, she passed in 1899. anne-hathaways-cottage_jamessadler
Village Store Crafted to resemble a traditional village shop, you can actually see into the windows of what's on the shelves. A bicycle is parked out front, next to baskets full of fruits and vegetables. villagestore_jamessadler
Shakespeare's Cottage From James Sadler's Castles and Cottages collection, this teapot features beautiful detail and is an elegant depiction of the esteemed playwright's birthplace. The building is now a museum owned and managed by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. shakespearescottage_jamessadler
Rose Cottage This style features a thatched roof and is adorned with cats, dogs, and even a duck! rosecottage_jamessadler
Red Lion Pub Features intricate detail of flowers, a dog on the front steps, and the Royal Lion symbol. Through the windows, people can be seen seated, and the glow from the lights inside makes the teapot all the more special. redlion_jamessadler
Post Office Crafted with beautiful detail, from the cat sitting by the front door, to the writing on the windows, and the flowers climbing the side of the building. post-office_jamessadler
Piccadilly Decorated in the rich colors this teapot depicts lovely scenes from life in London. The famous Eros Statue in Piccadilly Circus is featured on the base of the teapot, along with a double decker bus, Bobby police officer, and post box. piccadilly_jamessadler
Ivy House Part of the Country Cottages collection. Embellished in beautiful detail, this teapot features a different scene of the cottage on each side. Incredible details - from the dog sitting at the front door, to flowers on the window sills, furniture, and birds. ivyhouse_jamessadler
Whysteria Lodge A quaint dining table and chairs sit out front, while the exterior of the cottage features lovely plant life. whysterialodge_jamessadler
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  1. Totally loving these teapots. I could never figure out where to start when looking for a nice teapot (design-wise). Thanks for sharing!!

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