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I am ridiculously addicted to books, I'm not ashamed, I'll yell it out loud! No matter their size, color, shape or topic, they all are an absolute treasure trove for the mind. This week let's visit libraries, book kitties and your bookshelf in the hall. Do share if you have some book pictures you love too. <3
The Long Room in the Trinity Library—Dublin, Ireland.
These are print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore. Genius!
mint-vinetu-book-posters bitter-life-lessons kitty-graphic-novel garage-door digging-for-books
book-o-mat 1947 machine. Wallace Kirkland
book-o-mat-1947-machine-wallace-kirkland books-cat-sunlight typewriter-books books-how-they-work
That's Amore ,


  1. Jennifer

    My dream is to have a house with a room dedicated to just a library. I adore books! Real paper pulp, you can hold in both hands and feel the texture of the paper books.
    I’m currently reading one of my childhood favorites “The Chronicles of Narnia”

    • Me too!! I want a big comfy chair and one of those library ladders to reach the books near the ceiling! 😀 I think there’s nothing better than that ‘old book smell’ in a quality used book store. Narnia was one of the few hardbacks to survive the great book clear out during the move, I love that series. ^_^

  2. These totally remind me of Belle in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast 😀 I don’t know why but piles/shelves/carts full of books is a happy image for me 😀

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