Picked up some new A&TP Jewelry

Yesterday I received an update that Btssb restocks and new items had come in. So while tired from the day but still ecstatic and rather bubbly that I could actually go to the shop, I jumped into the car and rushed over in hopes that they hadn't already sold out of the items I was wanting. Okay I say rush, but it was 5pm with 5pm traffic, so maybe not so much rush, but more like 'made my way' there. Thankfully the items I was after was still available although other ladies were starting to show up too! Here is the prize of my crazy trip, the Rose Frame necklace and matching ring in antique gold. Alice and the pirates rose frame jewelry
One of the days I would love to get my hands on the coordinating "Time of the Roses" JSK in black, Ivory or Mint, but for now I am very content with having these gorgeous pieces.hearts

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  1. Ugh, I adore that jewelry line. Baby and AATP has really shaped up their accessory designs lately.

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