h.Naoto Webshop Now Open

h.NAOTO I have to say, it's pretty exciting having a h.Naoto store open here in the Bay Area now. I just may be giving up some of my lolita monies for some h.Naoto Blood and a few Sixh items. Black and white combos are hands down my favorite type of coordinate!! Plus if you toss in some long flowing skirts, tops, expanses of lace and some romantic feeling I am so sold. Well okay, but what if you don't live in the Bay Area...then you can visit their brand new USA webshop! Right now my favorite pieces from their stock are: Blood Ruffle Long Cardigan h.Naoto Blood Ruffle Long Cardigan
And this GRAMM Lace Gather Skirt h.Naoto GRAMM Lace Gather Skirt
You can check out the new h.Naoto webshop here. So, what's YOUR favorite line?

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