Misako’s Kawaii Revolution Tea Party

Aoki Misako has kick started her Kawaii Revolution by hosting "Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei Okoshimashita desu Ocyakai" (Tea Party Celebrating the Kawaii Revolution coming true)]! More than 100 lolitas joined attended the party to celebrate this exciting event along with her. Everyone enjoyed making parfaits and listening to Misako's Q & A. I love the part where she talks about the color pink and smooth skin. I wonder if there really is something to that or is it just her cute theory on it. Hurms...thoughts to ponder!

This party actually took place in August but I still wanted to share it here as the timing with this weekends exciting upcoming event is just to perfect. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's mentioned at the end of the video. Please look forward to this weekends post! ;D Now on to photo's from this amazing tea party. Misako Aoki Tea Party Misako Aoki Tea Party Misako Aoki Tea Party
Congratulations to the cutest outfit of the party. ^_^ Misako Aoki Tea Party
Time was taken to sign copies of her book "Kawaii Revolution". Misako Aoki Tea Party
Photo shoot time! Misako Aoki Tea Party Photo source: Misako's blog
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