Tea Tin Redecoration

I drink a lot of tea and over the years I have accumulated several tins from the Taylors of Harrogate company. I use to sit them out in a pretty display as the tins are different colors, but after they were re-purposed a few times with new labels for other tea flavors they were looking less than attractive. :-/ As these are all the same size and stack well I hit upon the idea of decorating them up in fanciful ways. Now this was something I could get excited about as once again I could display them lovely on a shelf and also have easy access. Over a few days I used several different patterned papers, lots of glue, faux pearls, ribbons, lace and rhinestones to breath new life into them. Tea Canisters
Here is what I started out with, not much of a pretty sight is it? This tin is most definitely in need of some serious help. Tea Canisters
I realize some of the details are hard to see in the 'all in one' photo, so here is a feature on each tin and what was used for decoration. 1. Two types of paper, paper lace, silver metallic paper ribbon, cloth ribbon and faux pearls. Tea Canisters
2. One type of paper, silver metallic paper ribbon, cloth ribbon and rhinestones. Tea Canisters
3. One type of paper, paper ribbon and faux pearls. Tea Canisters
4. Two types of paper and black lace. Tea Canisters
After all, why buy those expensive store decorated containers when I can simply recycle the one's I have? I have a few more of these still left to do but I'm not quiet sure when I will be getting around to working on them. I know the rainy season will probably be starting soon, so after I get pinned up inside I will probably start the next round. <3 This is a super easy project if you have the same problem I did! I didn't even have to do any prep work, I just left on the current label and papered right over it with my new design. Just make sure your paper is thick enough so the old design doesn't show through. If you decide to decorate your own tea tin(s) I would love to see them. ^_^ If your wondering how to tell what kind of tea is inside I simply place a label on the bottom. After you have used them a while you tend to associate a certain design with a certain type of tea too. 😉

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