Btssb 10/14 Fashion Show

There are so many lovely outfits in these clips....but I have to say, my favorite is definitely the Alice and the Pirates black dress at the end of the first video. I keep hoping it will come up for order soon as I don't want to miss it!
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  1. Aja

    Do you know who that model is (the one wearing the outfit you liked)?

  2. Aja

    I really like that bellhop style hat in the second video–I want to make one now!

    I’m happy Rocking Horse Shoes are making a comeback.

    It’s interesting to see more long dresses too….I wish the model in video #4 had let the dress hang naturally for one of her standing poses so we could see how it hangs.

    Blue and Gold in video #5 was a great look too.

    • If you make one I’d really love to see it! The world needs more hats and I’m sure it would look fabulous on you! 😀

      I can’t remember the name of that long dress to save my life! Unfortunately this dress has already been released and removed from Baby’s site or I’d post a link to it so you could see the drape. 🙁 For what it’s worth, it does hang pretty straight similarly to the non-held side of the model. It’s amazingly long, I keep hoping I’ll spot one for sale sometime so I can snag it.

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