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Well hello there, it has been a while! Alas I have been kept away by work and family over the Autumn holidays. I have been busy taking lots of photo's but haven't been able to post them here as of yet, but they are coming! Tonight I am finally getting back on track with regular blogging (determination!), since just because I haven't been blogging certainly doesn't mean that I have stopped dressing up, shopping or finding interesting things when I am out and about town. So let's get started with tonight's snap in classical style! For a change I went out to my favorite Italian restaurant for a super tasty and leisure dinner. Please forgive the photo's graininess as night time shots are alas, not so great. Thankfully as the days are minutely getting longer, evening snaps will improve. ^_^ Daily Snap 01-27-2012
Headband: Innocent World Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Bustier: Innocent World Skirt: Metamorphose Earrings/Rings: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Bag: Alice & the Pirates Tights/Shoes: Offbrand I stopped by the mall in the hopes to pick up some new tights, but I became distracted by discovering that my favorite tea shop Lupicia had reopened in their new spot. My tea stash has been running really low while I've been trying to hold out for the reopening, so I grabbed a couple of favorites and some new tastes. Please look forward to reviews on these new tastes soon: English Blend, After 5, Strawberry and Caramel & Rum. ๐Ÿ˜€ Latest Tea
Also on the beat of tea, I stumbled upon these lovely tea themed measuring spoons for my kitchen about a week ago. Ahh...I just love tea themed things, I just can't help myself! They are just too perfect with their tea cup tipped handles and the bowls also having tea items engraved within them. Tea Measureing Spoons
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  1. Super cute!! I’ve been wanting to try out Lupicia teas so I’ll be anticipating your reviews ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m rather partial to stronger black teas in the vein of English/Irish breakfast/afternoon flavors.

    What a lovely coord!

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