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Today was my first time staking out Baby, the Stars Shine Bright for lucky packs. I have heard stories about crazy amounts of people showing up and saw a huge line during the summer when I was passing by but not interested in any of the lucky packs on offer. Well this time around everything changed, one of the available options had my undivided attention and I was determined to secure one for myself. So what is a lady to do? Why arrive to camp out in from of the store at 8:30am of course and still end up fourth in line. XD The store doesn't open till noon, so to prepare for a long stake out I brought a nice blanket to sit on, a book to read, fluids and a parasol. I feel saved by my parasol actually as it was a must have in today's super sunny and warm weather! Truly it would have been miserable after about 9:30am as I was sitting in full sun with little to no breeze and wearing mostly black. Btssb Lucky Pack Waiting
The hours came and went rather speedily I dare to say thanks to reading. Amazingly by the time 11:30am rolled around there were only nine of us waiting, I was in shock and still am really as it was just so surprising. I opted for the Alice & the Pirates Coat Set! All of the lucky bags this time around were these amazing cloth reusable bags with zipper closures on top, it really is quite nice and I can think of lots of uses for it. Btssb Lucky Pack Bag
Here are some of the goodies which was included with this all black set: Blouse, corset waist skirt, socks, giant bow headband and a pouchette bag. The bag is made of a soft vinyl and has the Alice & the Pirates logo screen printed on the front and then the actual words of the brand also screen printed down the 'spine' of the bag. It's nothing huge but it certainly has plenty of room for a days outing if you plan your items frugally. The skirt really surprised me as it has no zipper! Yes really, I have looked all over it and can't find one anywhere. So if anyone is interested in finding this skirt second hand, be aware that it will have to go over your hips in order to get it on. O.o Thank goodness the back is fully shirred! While I love the blouse and skirt, the giant head bow and possibly the socks will have to go. Although I have to say that I am contemplating seeing if I can figure out some other use for the bow, just have to ponder it a bit. The socks are lovely don't get me wrong, but being tall as I am, since these are not over the knee I probably won't keep them. Btssb Lucky Pack Contents
Last but certainly not least, here is the gorgeous mantle cape which was also included! I love this piece so much, I can't see me parting with it ever unless it has become thread bare. Btssb Lucky Pack Contents
On the collar is a lovely spot of embroidery which reads Alice and the Pirates within a golden wreath. Btssb Lucky Pack Mantel Cape
While chatting with shop staff and looking around I found myself drawn to this white deconstructed blouse yet again. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at this but have denied getting it and bought something else instead. Well this trip I discovered it on was sale, so shame on me if I was to turn down getting it this time around! I am looking forward to pairing it with some of my more gothic styled coordinates. A&tp Gothic Style Blouse
In an amusing moment afterwards I stopped by a garden center to look for ferns and discovered a tea pot shaped watering can! 😀 Needless to say this is also today's coordinate snap. ^_^ Daily Snap 01282012
Cardigan: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Blouse: Alice and the Pirates Vest: Metamorphose Skirt: Alice and the Pirates Socks: Alice and the Pirates Shoes: Metamorphose Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Head bow: Alice and the Pirates Choker: Made by me Earrings: Alice and the Pirates
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  1. LOVE THE CAPE! I had no idea people camped out for LPs! That’s intense o__o!

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