Antique Market Finds & New Goodies from Alice & the Pirates

This past Sunday I was able to make it out to a once a month antique market; while it does have loads of true antiques it also some other assorted things. I have been once before a few months ago, but each trip is always a new adventure. 😀 This place is massively huge and I have only ever made it through half of it in the course of arriving at 9am and not leaving until around 4pm. Almost right away after a few stall rows I came upon this magnificent gold frame containing a print of a period lady reading. Needless to say this was a must get item to go in my living room / library area. ^_^ Framed  Girl Reading Book
My biggest surprise of the trip was coming across this animated bird music box! I have seen some very expensive one's of these over the years waaaay out of my budget, so discovering this one in need of some loving care and a heavy cleaning was an instant magnet. After discovering that yes it indeed still works and all of the parts looked to be there I enjoyed debating its price with the vendor to secure it's purchase. <3 Now I will admit, compared to some antique one's I have read about, this one is much less complicated and the bird does not actually sing; but upon opening the drawer music starts playing and the internal gears cause the bird on it's perch to start swinging back and forth gracefully. I can't wait to get it cleaned up! <3 Bird Cage Music Box
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Last night I excitedly picked up a couple of items I had on request at the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shop which had arrived earlier this week. I am ridiculously excited about these two items I must say!! First up the gorgeous Monochrome Rose Garden JSK in black. You guys should know I have a horrible weakness for roses, color pallets of black and greys of course, and last but not least flocky prints. This JSK wraps all of those wonderful things in one fantastic package! Better yet it's a little but customizable as the bib is removable by snaps, the main bustier bow is removable as it pins on and last but not least the belt is of course optional. I am really looking forward to figuring out many different ways to coordinate this look. <3 Aice and the Pirates Monochrome Rose Garden JSK
Next up is the Queen's Coach Necklace in antique silver. I have always been a little sad that I missed out on the initial release of this gorgeous necklace, so when I found out it was being re-released I just could not pass up the opportunity. It's sparkle infused orb and diamantes on the wheels and crown are almost too fantastic for words. I must say I think this is probably my favorite A&tp necklace in my collection, should be loads of fun figuring out what to pair it with. Alice and the Pirates Queens Coach Necklace I must say, being able to order through a local shop instead of through the international website is truly a treat and I hope the excitement of shopping there never goes away! While it's crazy on my budget there is just nothing like running your fingers across all the gorgeous fabrics, seeing the beautiful shop and of course trying the items on before you buy. <3
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  1. Amanda

    I came across your blog while searching for more info about a music box that i have. It’s the same picture that you have framed! Is there any artist name or other info on your print? If you could reply here or send me an email I would really appreciate it!

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