New Rilakkuma Phone Case

Despite my love for wearing loads of black I can not deny the fact that part of me very much loves cute things. So yesterday I was innocently browsing along on the net when suddenly -bam- an adorable Rilakkuma phone case appears on my screen! Rilakkuma Stock Photo Phone Case I don't own very many Rilakkuma things, but it does take quiet a bit of strong arming to drag me out of the store when I do go and a huge dose of self restraint to not buy oodles of adorable things I have no use for. As things turn out I ended up in that part of town for dinner yesterday, so afterwards it was a moment of "I wonder if..." and hitting up the shop. Sure enough there it was in the back of the display case! After I purchased it I was told it was the last one and their shipment sold out in three days! Well no wonder, it is just too adorable for words! So meet my new Rilakkuma case and it's charm pals; a paw and cat from Sentimental Circus Kutusita Nyanko and a Hello Kitty ghost charm which I've been hanging onto since last Halloween to put onto my phone as soon as I figured out a way. :3 Ahhhhh the cute, I can't stop staring now. XD Rilakkuma Phone Case
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  1. That phone case is cute! So are the charms~ I think the paw is actually Kutsushita/Kutusita Nyanko, not Sentimental Circus, though…
    I know that feeling of wanting to buy all of the cute things, too! There’s a Japanese book store that sells those things here in New York, I love going there~ ^_^

    • Oh my, you are soooo right (now that I have squinted to read the tiny tag), it IS Kutusita Nyanko! 😀 Ah, Japanese bookstores, indeed so much danger in the cute department!

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