Upcoming Temptations from A&tp

I have been trying to be really good of late and stop shopping so much, so much in fact that I have made a point to stop following the shop blogs so as not to be tempted! But alas I peaked this morning so of course I saw some things that caught my attention! I think my favorite of them all is this Captain Hollow blouse. It's long sleeved, long bodied and has the fun un-hemmed edges on much of the detailing. I haven't been able to find the measurements yet, but I hope I can find them soon so I can put myself out of the want of this. XD

Next up is a gorgeous pin striped vest with cross buttons.

And of course there's a coordinating blouse with more of the crosses at the collar. Available in both black and white (of course!).

I'm surprised to see such fun offerings during this time of year, I think of them more as Autumn styles really. But what the heck, I'm certainly not complaining about a few late gothic styled garments right before all the sticky sweet summer styles are released. 🙂

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