A Finch Egg Has Arrived

I'm super excited to say that my Star Finches have finally laid an egg in their new nest! 😀 I say new...let me back up. Last Friday they laid in egg in the simple nest they have been trying to build in the top of the fern, but alas due to poor nest construction it rolled out and onto the bottom of the cage where it suffered a hairline crack. 🙁 So over the weekend I bought a twig nest and while taking a deep breath, placed it in the cage next to the nest they were trying to build. My hopes was that they would find this new nest more attractive and move their efforts towards it. If you look closely you can see the little egg all alone in the brown twig nest. That is one of the Star's at the top of the photo. Star Finch Egg Now since the egg was laid either in the night or super early this morning, I am not sure if the hen picked this new twig nest or if it rolled downhill from the fern nest. Sadly right now nobody seems to be sitting on it from what I have observed, so I hope that's not a bad sign. I really want to watch a new brood be raised, so please don't get my hopes up little birds. When I bought all of my birds they were juveniles, so this is their first nesting season. I've tried giving them covered bamboo nest and a nesting box, but to no avail they were all ignored. But now when I put the fern inside they went to town moving it's branches, ripping parts off, etc...all to go in the nest they were trying to build. I have even gave them loads of dry and fresh grass in which to use in their nest building. Watching them fly around with all the little pieces has been a joy to watch. I haven't babbled much about my birds here, but if positive nesting habits increase then I am sure I'll be a bit more wordy. XD My little indoor aviary includes one pair of Star Finch's and one pair of Orange Cheek Finch's. So far the Orange's don't seem to have any interest in nesting at all.
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