The Temptation of Fluevogs

I went by and tried on some Fluevog shoes the other day and am now officially quiet wanton to own a pair...or a few. XD They were immensely comfortable, fit amazingly and above all they looked incredible! Plus even though they are a bit pricey, leather lasts practically forever or until you tire of the style; so to me they can be great investment pieces for the wardrobe. Now that I have moved to a walking city, having good shoes can't be stressed enough! Those cute little flats you might have bought at the lower 'discount shoe' store are probably just not going to cut it for all day wandering around town. Especially when it's day after day, month after month of walking. After checking out all of the selection on offer and picking up this boot probably no less than three times, I finally caved and asked to try these on.
Yep, wearing Innocent World from head to toe which alas doesn't really match my taste in Fluevog shoes. XD
These Mattie Silks are officially my dream boots! I have a very skinny calf, so finding a tall boot which doesn't flop around at the top has been a frustration for years. These boots fit like a glove...a glove I say! I have never worn a pair that fit so well and were so comfortable. I did not want to take them off, but of course in the end it was a necessary evil.
Of the sytles I tried on these are my next favorites in the wanton line.
Cooler for warmer days, flat for all day walking, awesome hardware and color finish; what's not to love? Petrea officially has a special place in my heart now.
You know how there are always the shoes that look super awesome online, amazing in person, but when you try them on it's total fail? Yep, that would be these I'm afraid. They seemed to be cut wide, so when adjusting the top strap to actually fit my foot the excess was just flopping around on the side. Such a disappointment indeed. :-/
There are so many yummy things on the Fluevog website, I don't see how a store could carry them all. Alas of the styles I was searching for, these Babycake boots fell into that category. Perhaps next time I go by they will have them, but do I really need to add yet another pair of shoes to my want list? XD
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