Handmade Bonnet Adventure Time

About a week or two ago I hit upon the idea that I wanted a fancier bonnet than the one's I have thus far. While plain solid colored ones are good for understated days, I wanted something with more pizazz. Truth be told I want an epic Triple Fortune one, but that amazingness will just have to wait until sometime in the future. For now I will use my nimble fingers to etch out new creations for my head. Behold the fruits of my labor! A new black and white bonnet of lace, roses and feathers.
Here is a photo of the front showing all of the pleating along the brim. The roses laying on the table are actually a hair comb I plan to wear along with the bonnet to jazz up the front. Forgive my sewing cushion for being in these photo's, I needed something to prop the bonnet up with or it just wants to tip forward.
Here is a shot of the right side where you can actually see the lace details along the brim and a side bow. I will confess that I started with a blank base form, but all of the decorating is my doing. I stripped off the simple decorations on the old model down to the blank felt and went back with things more to my taste.
And last but not least a view from the back. I am super looking forward to wearing it out this weekend. ^_^
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  1. Brittany

    Wooow! Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful! I love the pleating on the brim! I can’t wait to see you coordinate it!

  2. Your bonnet looks really wonderful! πŸ˜€ It’s gorgeous!

  3. wow, very elegant looking!!^^ Lovely white roses. I have a thing for lace and feathers, very nice touch indeed. Elegantly black.

  4. AH! THAT’S AMAZING! Nice work!

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