Goodies from the h.NAOTO Sale Today

Today was the beginning of the h.NAOTO summer sale and you better believe I was there pretty close to door opening time! Surprisingly there were not very many people, but I'm suspecting after work hours and the weekend will probably bring them out. I feel like I made some pretty good deals today and coupling that with the fact I am in serious need of some new tops makes the day's purchases all that much sweeter. Lemme show you what I bought! First up is a Blood cutsew with a print featuring lots of purple and metallic silver accents. The lace at the sleeves actually has tiny butterflies in the weave! It's made of a lightweight cotton, so it's just perfect for the layering that the weather requires here. hNaoto Blood cutsew
Next up is a Sixh vest. Surprisingly my first piece of Sixh actually, despite often loving at least half of the men's wear in every collection. :3 That lumpy thing at the top is actually a scarf that can be removed and worn separately. I love how versatile this vest can be! The outer layer can simply not be buckled for nice draping, or leave the entire thing open for max drape effect. The print has a really subtle sparkle which is hard to see, but still a nice aspect I think. I'm not usually one for glittery things at all, but it's so subtle it doesn't bother me. h.Naoto Sixh Vest
And the clincher of my trip is this Blood skirt, full of lace overlays and ruffles. I think this is my third skirt with diagonals like this, I suppose it's quickly becoming a main staple of my wardrobe. hNaoto Blood Skirt
The screen print on the underskirt of a building resembling a cathedral is just gorgeous! I'm hoping that future styles can get similar treatment. 😀 h.Naoto Blood Skirt Close Up

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