Apple Space – It’s Almost Announcement Time

Today a new Apple product is being unveiled and while a lot of people get to see the inside of the building thanks to the press of this highly broadcast event, I thought you may want to see what the outside looks like. ^_^ This is the entrance to the building where everything has been announced since I've moved to the San Francisco area. For all I know it has always been this same building year after year. The design is changed for each announcement and they only put it up a couple of days before hand, so it's always interesting to see what it will be each time.
Here is a farther back shot letting you see some of the satellite trucks which had been setup as of yesterday to broadcast the proceedings. The front of the building near the door (where the giant Apple logo is) should by now have rows of velvet ropes to hold the press into lines and help with security.
Needless to say these much anticipated events draw quiet the crowd of folks from press, to bloggers and spectators. My house is slowly becoming more and more a Mac household, so even I get quiet excited when it's announcement time. It is very rare for me to run out and get the latest gadget, but I do like to know what I can look forward to when it's time to upgrade dying hardware.
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