Disney Villain Journals

This week the Disney Villains collection has finally hit the stores and I couldn't be more thrilled! Besides the wonderful dolls which are being released, all of the tie in merchandise is just fantastic! I am a big fan of Maleficent, the Evil Queen and Cruella de Ville; so having so many lovely items come out all at once is a bit overwhelming. So for my first couple of items I decided to take the practical route and go for the journals. Now these are not just regular paste front journals, these are black faux leather cover embossed with a filigree hand-tooled design! They have a wonderful heft to them and feel great in your hand. They are a handy size of 7 3/4" H x 5 3/4" W and so they are fantastic to toss in your bag for jotting down on the go musings. There are six designs, but I'm starting out with the Evil Queen and Cruella de Ville. Disney Villain Journals The insides are wonderfully detailed too with the Villains logo on one page and a small version of the character sketch on the other. There are lovely colored end papers also, plus a tiny pocket inside the back cover. One of my favorite details I think is the ribbon bookmark with the small silver toned charm at the end. Disney Villains Journal Evil Queen Disney Villains Journal Cruella de Ville I couldn't find the one featuring Maleficent on this trip, but I'm hoping maybe next week the shelves will be restocked and I will be able to track one down. ^_^ Now to wish they make a fountain pen in the future, because thus far all I have seen are ballpoints. :-/
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