Finches Caught On Camera

After many mornings of trying to catch my finches inside the lens of my camera, I was finally able to capture a few! In these first couple of shots, you can see the figure box they decided was a better nesting site than the lovely wooden next box I provided them. XD These is the male sitting on the nest and a friendly visitor. As you can see he is not very tidy at covering the eggs like the female is. Amazingly enough I was never able to catch the female really this morning. Her only shot is the very first photo and she is standing on the edge of the nest. I know it looks like a whole batch of eggs, but I think most of them are duds and thus will not hatch. So far there have been two hatchlings; the first didn't make it 24 hours and the next made it about four days before dying. These are new parents and it's very frustrating watching them try to raise a chick. I keep hoping one of these trys they will make it, though it's quiet stressful watching them as I myself can't do a thing to help really. Other than just make sure their atmosphere is comfy and the food/water is fresh.
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