Quilty Fun – Green Batiks

Quilt in progress

IMG_7097-1.PNG A lot has happened in my life in the past few years and I find myself drawn again to the crisp feel of fabric in my hands and a strong desire to sew. Sewing for me means quilts and home decor, as while I adore looking at clothing patterns I don't find myself the most efficient at this time. So occasionally I might dabble, but it's only occasionally. Of course I say this while I have skirt pattern and fabric ready (fabric just purchased last weekend, I've had the pattern for months.). LOL More on that adventure later I suppose. It has been four years since I was able to finish my last quilt. I have started two but had to pack them away each time for a move and they never were finished. Right now I am lucky enough to be building a house and so I hope this means I won't have to move again for quiet some time. Having moved three times in the last four years, you can understand how I might be tired of it. But anyway, I digress... My first quilt of this year was made using green and cream batiks, a type of fabric I am drawn to strongly but don't own near enough! 🙂 I picked up Strip Therapy 5 by Brenda Henning, grabbed a gorgeous Bali Pop in Taffy from Robert Hoffman and got to work.

IMG_7089.PNG Speaking of work, instead of working remotely I now go into the office like a "normal" person. So the amount of time in my day I have to take up commuting is considerably more, and sadly that takes away from my sewing time.

IMG_7092.PNG I worked evenings and weekends, slowly making progress as I could. I'm in a tiny one bedroom apartment right now, and so I use my kitchen counter for my cutting/layout area and a folding table for my sewing machine. It's cozy, but I am definitely looking forward to the house being finished and getting all of my belongings out of storage.

IMG_7090.PNG Lighting for photos in my place is really only nice on the weekends, so I snapped progress photos when I could.

IMG_7096-0.PNG Here is one last photo, though I'll admit it is missing the final borders.

IMG_7097-1.PNG Right now it is off being quilted and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished. I dropped it off about four weeks ago, so I'm hoping to hear about how it's coming along soonish. I have had good intentions to blog about this project as I've worked, but I'm just now getting caught up on life and am able to share. ^_^
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