Fabulous Fabric Friday

Since I have started back up sewing again, I have slowly been trying to start a fabric stash. Admittedly usually I like to make things by collections, but sometimes singles leap off the shelf at me and beg to be taken home. Some of the upcoming photos are of fabrics already tabbed for upcoming projects, others just because I thought they could make themselves handy in the future. This first one of atomic cats is going to be a skirt! I'm pretty chuffed about finding it. I have been on a bit of a 50s fashion kick for a while now and I simply couldn't pass up the golden opportunity. :3

IMG_7109.JPG Something about these uneven polka dots makes them super fun to me and so many projects come to mind for their use. Plus they come in a huge array of colors both bright and pastel. I'm trying to find the neutral colors too, but I think I have waited too long to buy them and their being elusive.

IMG_6824.JPG I had to find these in two batches and this second envelope was so FAT! I was impressed they fit in there.

IMG_7028.JPG I try to buy from local shops when I can, but since everything is so super spread out here I definitely find myself mail ordering occasionally. These are just random stash builders from a local shop.

IMG_6715.JPG I currently have a soft spot for 30s prints. This partial collection will be my second batch this year. I am really loving the vintage trend! <3

IMG_7030.JPG And that's a wrap for this week. I swear I did not buy all of these this week, just incase you were wondering! Lol. But I thought I would share my last few finds, since I've finally dusted off my blog and found time to write again. My local shop has a sale going on pre cuts this weekend, which could possibly be dangerous. XD I can stop fabric shopping any time I want, really. Now if I could just sleep less so I can magically create more sewing time in my day. 😉
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