More Ottoman Fun

I'm super excited to say my ottoman is now done and wow is it huge! I read the size the directions gave, but when you see it in person it's just much! Ha! Part one of my progress can be seen here. Here it is sitting on 12" tiles to help put things into perspective.

IMG_7128.JPG This project was a fiberfill eating monster! I am seriously glad I bought two packages of fluff, because all 10 pounds of it went in and I honestly could have used a little bit more. I had planned to make a pillow from the fabric scraps but now,'s going to be a tad bit difficult till I get more stuffing.

IMG_7127.JPG A side shot of it on the cabinet where I currently sew. So wonderfully fat and fluffy! I'm thinking as it gets used it will flatted out a bit on the bottom and not look quite so round.

IMG_7129.JPG I found the instructions fabulously easy to use and I'm already pondering if I may need another one of these someplace in the house. šŸ™‚
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