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Meet my latest project, a great granny square quilt. I have been working on it for a few weeks and just finished my second row of blocks last night.

IMG_7158.JPG After that last block I tossed them onto my design wall so I could visualize the progress. Only three more rows to go! Heh Really though, seeing them up there is a great motivator for me to keep pushing forward. Again, the use of a fabulous jelly roll has saved me hours of strip cutting. I keep telling myself to step away from pre cuts but it's just not working yet. *laugh* But seriously, a precut is simply fabulous for this kind of project which uses oodles of squares. I just realized that two of my last three projects use these same squares. Hurms...I'm finding a pattern here.

IMG_7157.PNG This time my focal point fabric is Sewing Box (Moda) and the background is made of a white on white polka dot print, also from Moda. I am using a pattern from Lori Holt's book, Great Granny Squared. Her book suggests several sizes you can create, but this will be the largest. I believe it's going to finish up around queen size? I am going to do a different border treatment than the book suggests, so final dimensions are eluding me at the moment. I'm not planning on going out much this weekend, so I'm hoping to make great headway on this project.
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