Fabulous Fabric Friday

Remember last week I mentioned my local fabric shop was going to be having a sale on precuts? :3. Well...I might have bought a few things. XD

IMG_7196.JPG I somehow feel like the rainbow jelly roll speaks for itself with all of it's amazing jewel tones. Persimmon is made up of lovely Autumn colors which will really start singing to me shortly as the weather begins to cool off. I am particularly fond of the tiny birds. I haven't used a layer cake before, so adventure times ahoy!

IMG_7191.JPG Eeerie has some fabric I've bought before as yardage (mostly the bats), but I couldn't pass up a whole package of the delightful collection. I'm looking forward to the design challenge on this one.

IMG_7192.JPG I finally found a deep grey for my next quilt project, Grunge also from Moda. (Wow, I'm finding a pattern here.) The stripes have me pretty excited and it's rather tempting to want to make a few blocks with them. :3 I couldn't resist picking up the chip pallet fabric. I have no particular project in mind but I'm sure to think of something.

IMG_7198.JPG Last but not least is this amazing flamingo fabric! The day it arrived was the best happy mail day! It's drawn style really is fabulous, especially when you consider I don't own a single other flamingo item. It's a large pattern and I'm hoping to cut into it soon.

IMG_7197.JPG Ahhh fabric...you are slowly becoming a tiny stash at last. Although honestly, half of this is already earmarked for projects. *laugh*
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