Sitting in French Provincial Style

Over the weekend I had the good fortune to stumble upon some reproduction French provincial styled furniture. Be still my beating heart! I have been dreamily browsing new reproduction furniture online for the entire year, but admittedly having minor heart failure at the price. When I saw the insane prices for these three pieces I had to have them. They were incredibly cheep and my husband actually thought I told him the wrong price at first. *laugh* The edges are carved in birds, flowers and have metallic gold highlights. The lighting in the store isn't all that great, so sadly my phone camera did the best it could.

IMG_7298-1.JPG The settee! Nobody panic, it does not come with those awful pillows. If I feel the need for some then I'll just sew some.

IMG_7299-1.JPG And the awesome full sized couch!! Wait...I'm sure there is some frilly name for this piece of furniture but I'm calling it a couch. XD I completely meant to take a photo of the manufacture tag, because it was made in 1973 and looks this good! I was shocked because I though for sure it was reupholstered. I can only imagine it's been lovingly stored under plastic all these years. It is an icy blue with aqua highlights, so in better light it looks lovely with the other pieces. The best way to not overwhelm my sitting room in aqua.

IMG_7301-1.JPG My storage unit is completely stuffed since the house isn't ready yet, but thankfully the shop would store it for me if I used layaway. Problem solved! 🙂
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