Workspace Wednesday

This week hasn't been all that productive I'm afraid. I cut the side of my finger badly last Wednesday and haven't been able to do much. I am constantly making something, so being unable to work on projects has been incredibly frustrating. A couple of days ago I hit upon the idea that maybe I could at least work on some paper piecing, since it is all hand sewn. So I downloaded some free templates and am very slowly cutting them out and pinning them to fabric.

IMG_7315.JPG I had scraps left over from a earlier precut project, so this is a fantastic way to use them up. I haven't made it very far, only about a dozen hexies have been sewn. Since it'll be a while yet before my finger is healed, I'm hoping to finish several more. I am not sure what I want to make with them yet, but I'm sure to think of something. My poor finger. 🙁

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