Atomic Cat Skirt Compleated

I am a tad behind in getting this finished project posted, but better late than never, right? But indeed, I finally managed to sit still long enough to sew myself a new skirt with my atomic cat fabric. Atomic-Cats-Skirt_1 I didn't use a pattern, but just used a skirt I ready own as a guide. I even learned a new spiffy stitch on my machine that I didn't know I had, the blind hem stitch. It looks so much better than just straight stitching along the hem and helps it look more professionally finished. Plus I didn't have to stitch it by hand, super A+ in my book! Atomic-Cats-Skirt_2 I've already worn this out a hand full of times and received several compliments on it. I am so chuffed! 🙂 I don't sew for myself very much (I am such a beginner!), so it's nice to hear from perfect strangers that it looks nice. I've already bought fabric for another skirt, so let's hope I can get to that sooner than later. Heh
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