Fabulous Fabric Friday

Today is the best Friday ever, new fabric and Halloween! I am finding it incredibly amusing that my fabric purchases are directly reflecting in this special day too. Scary black cats, naked trees and moths in spider webs? Hello the incoming of Autumn! Especially since the time change is coming up on Sunday.

IMG_7335-0.JPG So happy I found this yard remnant of spider webs with jewels. The dusky blue is an odd shade but I'm sure I will find something perfect to pair it with.

IMG_7336.JPG A lovely mint lawn, of which I can't decide if I should make a skirt, dress or pajama pants from. It's so incredibly soft, but with the weather turning cooler I may just hang onto it until next Spring.

IMG_7337.JPG It's always a happy day when I can acquire more fabric on sale, but this shopping haul had a down side. My local modern fabric shop has closed it's walk in store and is limiting itself to online only. I'm sad I can't go in to see things in person, but I'm glad the owner chose to try and stay open. It seems like I am hearing more and more about independent fabric stores closing their doors. I keep hoping one of these days that people will discover the amazingness that is making things yourself, and the 'making' industry can step away from the scary cliff that feels like it's just around the next corner.

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