The Hexie Project Continues

It has been quiet some time since I have been able to post a project update; thanks to packing, moving, holidays and some life crazy. Thankfully though it seems like things are bringing to calm down and despite the fact I still have several boxes that need unpacked, I've started sewing again. I have my sewing space unpacked, so I'm all done now right? XD My sewing machine was packed up for five weeks, so I had plenty of time to work on piecing together my hexies. Look how wonderful my two foot and some inches hexie turned out! I'm super chuffed about it, especially since this is my first trek into english paper piecing. (And you can see my gorgeous new wood floor.) IMG_7774.JPG

Seeing as I missed several weeks of updates, here are some progress pictures, including all the hexies lined up in a box lid and ready to be pieced. They certainly are beautiful when they are lined up like that. IMG_7771.JPG

Getting started on my center. IMG_7770.JPG

There are a couple of wrinkly bits, but I'm hoping that I can massage them out with the iron or during the quilting phase. IMG_7772.JPG

This next photo was literally taken on the day I moved into the my new house. I was sitting on a piece of patio furniture in my living room as it was the only thing other than the floor to sit on. Why not stitch my stress away while I was waiting on the moving truck and the small army of installation guys to show up for their various appointments. I figure schedule them all on the same day so I can be done with it before I start to unpack. IMG_7773.JPG

Now it's time to applique them onto some base fabric. Did I mention this is my first time to applique too? Oh yeah, typical me tossing all the starter fun into one project. Why not! IMG_7775.JPG

Did I mention my new place has a fireplace?! Good thing too since it's been incredibly freezing cold the past few weeks, I've even had a few nights in the teens. In this shot I'm in the home stretch of appliqueing this giant hexie onto the base fabric. IMG_7776.JPG

This project has been loads of fun thus far and I think I have the paper piecing and applique bug for sure. I can definitely say with confidence that I will do more projects involving these techniques in the future.
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