New Spin Block Project

After five weeks without a sewing machine I think I started getting a nervous twitch. That probably sounds a bit strange, but I'm sure my fellow sewers know what I'm talking about. I've been incredibly stressed lately, so I decided this past Sunday to take a day to ignore the house and just focus on some self time. The best thing about taking a day for yourself is sewing whatever you want, so why not start a new project. I've had this pattern for a while now and I have been slowly buying fabric for it as they catch my eye. So far I have these two pieces 95% done, as I still need to applique on their centers and trim them up. (See, that applique thing has come up already!) IMG_7778.JPG

Lazy Sundays are best...wait, is it a lazy Sunday if I spend most of the day productively sewing??! Well, it's relaxing to me anyway. Especially when I have the cutest mug in the house accompanying me. IMG_7777.JPG I haven't accumulated very many fabrics yet, I think I might have five earmarked for this project thus far. Though I'm sure when I'm out at my local shops something will leap out at me and whisper how much it wants to be turned into a spin block.
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