A Little Piece of Home

Sometimes when I start to miss San Francisco I go make a cup of tea. Mind you I do drink tea just about all day long of one type or another, but I mean a special cup of tea. I will get out my favorite leaves and select a particularly special tea ball to brew them in. So why is this tea ball so special you may be asking? Well, not long after I had to move back to Texas a mysterious box arrived. I hadn't ordered anything, what could it be? Turns out some very sweet friends had put together a care package full of goodies to surprise me. One of the items inside was this tiny tea pot shaped tea ball.    Not only is it shaped like a tea pot but it also comes with a delicate scallop edged plate to rest it on when you're done using it. See the chain? If you pull gently the lid pops off so you can place the tea inside.    Whoever designed it seems oh so cleaver to me, as by running the chain through the handle it keeps the lid from popping open when you place the tea ball into your cup.  The only drawback may be that the chain is a bit too short to hang it over the side of your cup, but I don't mind. I still think it makes some of the best tea in the house because of the lovely thoughts behind its arrival in my life. I'm a firm believer that things don't have to be expensive to become a real treasure. Sure life is busy and sometimes a bit chaotic, but stopping for a nice cuppa and a trip down memory lane can really help reset your priorities.
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