2019 Fukubukuro (Lucky Packs)

I adore following the lucky pack fever every year, even if I don't buy most of the time. This year though I am really wanting to fill some holes in my wardrobe (I took a three year shopping break and feel like I missed tons of fun themes), so I'm holding out hope for something interesting.

If you want to pick up a lucky pack, make sure to check the brands website or social media for all the details. Some may be offered only in store and not online for international purchase.

Here is who we have so far:

- Alice & the Pirates Harajuku (added 11/29)

- Angelic Pretty online (added 11/28)

- Atelier Pierrot (added 12/5)

- Dangerous Nude (added 12/5)

- Metamorphose Harajuku (added 12/04 - Taking reservations now!)

- Queen Bee shoes (added 11/30 - Taking reservations now!)

No info yet from these brands for general online purchase:

- Alice & the Pirates

- Baby the Stars Shine Bright

- Innocent World

- Metamorphose

(I  will update this post as more brands make their announcements.)

Alice and the Pirates (Harajuku location)

Options for the Harajuku location of Aatp have been announced. Early reservations for this location only are starting soon.  (relived I can skip this one as the cuts aren't for me)

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Angelic Pretty Shop link

Toy Dream

Includes: Headbow, Blouse, Jumperskirt, Tote bag

Colors: white, pink, sax

Elegant Nightie

Includes: Hairband, Onepiece, Tote bag

Colors: ivory, pink, black


Includes: Headbow, Onepiece, Apron

Colors: pink, sax, red, black

Sweet Bear

Includes: Headband, Cape, Skirt

Colors: wine, navy, brown


Includes: Hairband, Blouse, Jumperskirt

Colors: red, green




Atelier Pierrot (shop link)

Set contents: Chiffon Baby Doll, Princess Sleeve Bolero, Head Dress

27,000 yen (tax included)

Colors: White or Black




Dangerous Nude (shop link)

Set contents: coffin bag + pair of overknee socks. Each set is ¥20,000 plus tax Color: Black or white  




Metamorphose (Harajuku location, accepting reservations now)

Black Swan Ribbon JSK Set Black Swan High Waist JSK Set

Set each ¥ 21,600 (Tax included) COLORS: Rose or Dark Gray

Set contents: JSK + Headdress




Queen Bee Shoes

(sold through Wonderwelt Fleur)

If your not familiar, they offer sweet and classic styled shoes.

Reservations are open now!

Two sets are on offer:

Classic - shop link

Pastel - shop link


Good luck to everyone who is trying for a lucky pack this year! <3


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