Time Traveling at Dickens Fair

This year's attendance of Dickens Fair was a delight as always. Despite the strong threat of rain, amazingly I managed to arrive for the opening under heavy skies but no rain in sight. The venue is dimly lit, to simulate shopping along the streets of jolly ol' London town in the Victorian period. Due to this, sadly it's not the most amazing place for taking photos, but I always give it a try in hopes of a few turning out.

I don't have much that would equate to appropriate period wear, but choose what I thought would be close enough. This solid color Meta dress full of pin tucks, ruffles and lots of buttons seemed the most appropriate. You can't see it very well, but there's a high neck blouse from Innocent World hiding under there. Temperatures inside the building are usually chilly until it fills with people later in the day, so I choose an Aatp caplet to keep the drafts away.   For a change this year, I decided to wear my handmade bonnet. If you've been following my blog for several years, you may remember when I shared photos of it. Check out the old post for more photos. Now I will admit that it's not from the time period as Dickens, but as it's still a bonnet, I ran with it. I've been thinking about sewing one up from scratch, so we'll see if I tackle that next year. I don't have very many opportunities to wear a bonnet, so needless to say this project will be a bit low on my to-do list. Arriving before the gates open is in my opinion, the best time to get there. You are ushered into a large room to enjoy the spectacle of the story in which Dickens Fair is based. Everyone is dressed up wonderfully, and the costumes are always such a joy. While standing in line to book my tea room appointment, I spotted Alice and her table of companions having an early tea already. I completely skipped taking photos of the tea experience this year. Oops! After book my tea room time, I usually go over to pick up some chai tea at the Turkish coffee vendor. I had a good laugh at these gingerbread dead rat cookies they had this year. I didn't take many photos of the general fair this time, as space fills with the public quickly and it's nearly impossible to not have random folks in the photos. I did spot this amazing bicycle early on though, so I managed to grab a snap. The trip was delightful as always. While leaving the building large fat drops of rain had just started to fall, but I managed to escape without getting too wet. An amazing feat, as it is almost guaranteed to be raining every year.
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