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This week has certainly been a long one and I am very glad that it is at last coming to a close. But it's only Friday you say? Well yes, okay...you have me there, let's say at least the work week is at it's end. I took my weeks worth of frustrations out on my floors last night in a mad all evening cleaning, but I am still very happy it's time for the weekend and a little relaxation even if it involves a three hour road trip to see a friends graduation tomorrow. The weather folks keep moving the rain around, so I'm hoping I can get to her place and back rain free. I hate driving in the rain as it gives me a horrible headache even if I have my glasses on. angry The camera card reader I use on my desktop died on Wednesday, so I need to pick up a replacement for it. The laptop has a reader but I don't really like editing pictures on it as I prefer to use the larger monitor.
musicnotes Let's relax! This weeks recommended music: Hungry Lucy - Pulse of the Earth The group labels this album under the "pop triphop darkwave" genre's, but whatever you call it her crystal clear voice is captivating. The beats are soothing and a wonderful way to come down from a stressful day. Favorite tracks from this album: Hill, Pulse of the Earth

lightbulb Atlantis' last launch: I don't know about the news in your area, but when I listened to NPR (National Public Radio) on the drive home today I was deeply saddened to hear what a footnote they made about the space shuttle Atlantis's last launch. Yes, in case your local news has kept you from knowing, this is the LAST of three launches for the US space program.
    Discovery isn't due to fly until September, which will then be followed by Endeavour in November...at the earliest. Payload issues may bump the last mission into 2011. As things stand now, under the Obama plan, NASA astronauts assigned to long station missions will keep hitching rides aboard Russian Soyuz rockets until U.S. private enterprise can develop spacecraft to safely get humans into orbit. NASA expects to keep the space station running through 2020.
Now I don't know about you, but I'm a huge space fan; I have always been from a young age. I would watch every show about the cosmos from black holes, dwarf stars, pulsars, galaxies and watched in awe when they launched the Hubble telescope. If you don't feel like space is the next frontier and don't get what all the excitement is about then I strongly recommend you watch HBO's original series "From the Earth to the Moon". I have found it to be one of the most realistic representations of how the space race was, what it meant to the people who were the pioneers, the explorers, the astronauts, the engineers and all the people who worked on the original Apollo missions and beyond. I live near to the Johnson's Space Center, I have dear friends who have worked there for years and if they close things down horrible things are going to happen. I don't mean just to my friends but to the whole town around the Center, everything in the local economy is based off the people who work at the Center and the tourist who come to visit every summer. I feel almost like I'm watching a train wreck in slow motion and I really don't want to see the ending for fear of what may be coming. I don't wish to make this any kind of political rant, but I think it is a horrific idea that after so many years dedicated to the space program, to just shut it down would be a huge folly. We have had so many daily products, that although no longer a wonder to the current generations, were brought about by scientist and engineers working with and for the space program. Not sure what I'm talking about? Things we would possibly not have right now because they were intended for or created during research for the space program are: velcro, the microwave, tupperware, high heat resistant fire suits, special kinds of industry ceramics, polymers, the list goes on and on. Okay, I could really rant on about this for quiet a while, but enough heavy talk for the moment, lets move on to more light hearted subjects...
bowdog Skin Care Thoughts: Yesterday I was reading an article about how the cosmetic company Shu Uemura is leaving the US market and it had some interesting points. Here's an excerpt:
    "Also, American and Japanese women still take sharply different approaches to skin care. Though skin-care awareness has increased in the U.S., the amount of money and time the U.S. consumer spends on her regimen is still far lower than that of her Japanese counterpart. The average Japanese woman spends 60% of her cosmetics budget on skin care, compared with 30% for American women. A Shiseido survey found nearly 69% of Japanese women used cleanser, toner and moisturizer religiously at night, compared with only 17% of American women. Indeed, Shiseido has documented that the average Japanese woman employs a much larger array of products each evening—as many as six products. First, she removes her make-up with an oil-based product. Then comes cleansing the face. This is followed by a lotion—a toner-like skin softener—and then possibly an "essence," or serum. Finally, she pats on an emulsion, which is less viscous than a cream, and then a traditional cream. All of this is achieved while performing an elaborate facial massage meant to help prevent sagging and wrinkling. "The psyche of the American consumer is about a quick fix, and not about prevention," says Ms. Yamagishi-Dressler of Shiseido. "It's all about, 'What can this product do for me now?' We have to adapt to that."
I find it disturbing that American woman think so little of their skin! The skin you have now, while it does renew a little every day, is the ONLY skin you'll ever have. If you damage it with sun exposure, dryness, etc it doesn't really recover; over time that damage adds up. Have you ever seen someone who tanned heavily in their younger years and now looks twice as old as they should? Hello skin damage! If someone is reading this and you are one of the 17% of American woman who don't have a skin regimen (using the same soap you use in the shower does NOT count as a skin regimen!) I highly recommend you head straight out and at least get you a cleanser and moisturizer. There are a wide variety of different products on the market and it's important to get the right one's for your skin type. If you are not familiar with the types of products available then stop by a makeup counter in your area or do a little research online, this page can help get you started. If you DO have a regimen but it doesn't seem to be working as well for you anymore then ask yourself how long it has been since you gave it an overhaul? I have found that the skin regimen you may have used when you were 18 does not work the same for when your 25. Your body chemistry changes as you get older, your oily skin may become part oily and part dry, or dry all together (or flip that for other skin types). Just give it some thought and perhaps try other products to see if they improve performance in your skins glow and feel. Okay, end of skin rant! It just soooo gets me when someone complains about their skin and I ask about their regime and they say "well I wash my face in the shower". This has happened to me twice, argh! chickexclimation
bowpink Doll Chat: I made the mistake of inquiring deeper into my investigation of Volks brand Dollfie dolls. I have been seeing gorgeous pictures of them for quiet some time now and they remind me of porcelain with the delicate facial shading and brightly colored eyes. Soooo lovely! *wistful sigh* But then reality had to rear it's ugly head and bash me with...HELLO PRICE! OMGWTHBBQ!!! ;_; Definitely a doll for dedicated BJD collectors. Maybe one of these days I will get one but for right now I am quiet content with my Pullip girls. Speaking of the girls, I have gotten them some Re-ment home goods, so I will definitely be having a new photo shoot soon. ^_^ I am also working on trying to sew them a little felt friend, so we'll see how that goes. So far I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, may have to prototype this first one and make a second one to actually share.

warning Warning Geekish Content: Speaking of Dollfies, I came across these amazing video's! These first two are by a Dollfie fan who is also into robots, I'm amazed at how smooth it's movements are! When I found the second clip I was like, if the designer didn't use this size doll, exactly where would you put the circuitry and battery? I'm STILL wondering where it's hiding, although I know the technology has shrunk considerably in the last few years.

This next one is an awesome shadow video to the same song.

rainbow Crafting: My crafting/studio space is in dire need of another culling overhaul. I've been giving my supplies good hard thought for a while now and I think it's time to part with a few things. The last culling resulted in some fantastic results of discovering lost space and reorganizing for better efficiency. Fellow crafters know what I'm talking about, you end up accumulating 1001 odd sized supplies and arranging them in some semblance of order is an ongoing chore of nightmare proportions. It doesn't help that I tend to save partial items after projects because "I might need it" for something else down the road. One corner of the room is not recommended to fall into as you might get lost in a pile of beads, ceramic slip, assorted tools, partially painted horse models and ceramic greenware. There's some greenware destined to be jewelry pendants one of these days if I will just sit down and finish them and then there's the tea set and serving platter I need to pin down a design for. The shop that was ordering me an extra cup closed without warning, so I only have three cup/saucer sets. *sigh* When that happened I completely lost my motivation for it, though really it will still be lovely if I make it into a 'tea for two' set. I had thought I would work on it over the Winter but...well...that obviously didn't happen.sweatdrop Sometimes I really wish I was less of a multi-media artist and more someone who focused on just one medium. That would certainly make my studio organizing life MUCH easier.

waveinghand Cheer's to another week! MacaronTea
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  1. I need to focus my energy into abusing my floors with lemon fresh cleanser too! Instead I just mope around being unproductive!

    Oh my gosh, and when you DO toss those left over bits weeks later you realize you could have used it for “*blank*” and it’s like I KNEW IT! I SHOULD HANG ONTO EVERYTHING!

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