New Spin Block Project

After five weeks without a sewing machine I think I started getting a nervous twitch. That probably sounds a bit strange, but I'm sure my fellow sewers know what I'm talking about. I've been incredibly stressed lately, so I decided this past Sunday to take a day to ignore the house and just focus on some self time. The best thing about taking a day for yourself is sewing whatever you want, so why not start a new project. I've had this pattern for a while now and I have been slowly buying fabric for it as they catch my eye. So far I have these two pieces 95% done, as I still need to applique on their centers and trim them up. (See, that applique thing has come up already!) IMG_7778.JPG

Lazy Sundays are best...wait, is it a lazy Sunday if I spend most of the day productively sewing??! Well, it's relaxing to me anyway. Especially when I have the cutest mug in the house accompanying me. IMG_7777.JPG Continue reading
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The Hexie Project Continues

It has been quiet some time since I have been able to post a project update; thanks to packing, moving, holidays and some life crazy. Thankfully though it seems like things are bringing to calm down and despite the fact I still have several boxes that need unpacked, I've started sewing again. I have my sewing space unpacked, so I'm all done now right? XD My sewing machine was packed up for five weeks, so I had plenty of time to work on piecing together my hexies. Look how wonderful my two foot and some inches hexie turned out! I'm super chuffed about it, especially since this is my first trek into english paper piecing. (And you can see my gorgeous new wood floor.) IMG_7774.JPG

Seeing as I missed several weeks of updates, here are some progress pictures, including all the hexies lined up in a box lid and ready to be pieced. They certainly are beautiful when they are lined up like that. IMG_7771.JPG

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Fabulous Fabric Friday

I'm back from the International Quilt Festival and wow what another stunning year! I thought today would be a great time to post the goodies I found from the event. I really had one item goal for this trip and it was to find this amazing Millefiori quilt book and it's accompanying paper pieces. I think I found it on he first vendor row and wow did that make my day! I also grabbed a bag of more hexies too. (Can't have too many hexie papers!) I came upon the amazing gradation fabric somewhere in the middle of the show hall. There were many more colors than these and it was a bit hard to pick which ones to bring home. IMG_7459.JPG Finally found the full sized Disco pattern, which none of my local shops have had for a few months now. The templates are so I can fussy cut parts for the Millefiori cover quilt on the book above. Continue reading
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Workspace Wednesday

My hexies are busy multiplying! Or maybe I should say I've been busy making hexies? *laugh* I actually counted my pile and I'm up to a count of 60. I still have scraps left, so I'm still going strong.

IMG_7452.JPG Good news on my finger, yesterday I was finally able to remove the bandage. Yea! It's still pretty sensitive, but I'm thinking I should be able to use my sewing machine by the weekend. Woohoo! I have been eyeing my design wall longingly and am anxious to get back to work on my great granny quilt top.
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Atomic Cat Skirt Compleated

I am a tad behind in getting this finished project posted, but better late than never, right? But indeed, I finally managed to sit still long enough to sew myself a new skirt with my atomic cat fabric. Atomic-Cats-Skirt_1 I didn't use a pattern, but just used a skirt I ready own as a guide. I even learned a new spiffy stitch on my machine that I didn't know I had, the blind hem stitch. It looks so much better than just straight stitching along the hem and helps it look more professionally finished. Plus I didn't have to stitch it by hand, super A+ in my book! Atomic-Cats-Skirt_2 I've already worn this out a hand full of times and received several compliments on it. I am so chuffed! 🙂 I don't sew for myself very much (I am such a beginner!), so it's nice to hear from perfect strangers that it looks nice. I've already bought fabric for another skirt, so let's hope I can get to that sooner than later. Heh
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Fabulous Fabric Friday

Today is the best Friday ever, new fabric and Halloween! I am finding it incredibly amusing that my fabric purchases are directly reflecting in this special day too. Scary black cats, naked trees and moths in spider webs? Hello the incoming of Autumn! Especially since the time change is coming up on Sunday.

IMG_7335-0.JPG So happy I found this yard remnant of spider webs with jewels. The dusky blue is an odd shade but I'm sure I will find something perfect to pair it with.

IMG_7336.JPG A lovely mint lawn, of which I can't decide if I should make a skirt, dress or pajama pants from. It's so incredibly soft, but with the weather turning cooler I may just hang onto it until next Spring. Continue reading