Fabulous Fabric Friday

Remember last week I mentioned my local fabric shop was going to be having a sale on precuts? :3. Well...I might have bought a few things. XD

IMG_7196.JPG I somehow feel like the rainbow jelly roll speaks for itself with all of it's amazing jewel tones. Persimmon is made up of lovely Autumn colors which will really start singing to me shortly as the weather begins to cool off. I am particularly fond of the tiny birds. I haven't used a layer cake before, so adventure times ahoy!

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Workspace Wendesday

Meet my latest project, a great granny square quilt. I have been working on it for a few weeks and just finished my second row of blocks last night.

IMG_7158.JPG After that last block I tossed them onto my design wall so I could visualize the progress. Only three more rows to go! Heh Really though, seeing them up there is a great motivator for me to keep pushing forward. Again, the use of a fabulous jelly roll has saved me hours of strip cutting. I keep telling myself to step away from pre cuts but it's just not working yet. *laugh* But seriously, a precut is simply fabulous for this kind of project which uses oodles of squares. I just realized that two of my last three projects use these same squares. Hurms...I'm finding a pattern here. Continue reading
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A fun quilt with 30s Prints

While I have been waiting on my green quilt to get back from being quilted, I stitched together a slightly smaller sized quilt top. I have been jokingly calling it my "large lap quilt".

IMG_7134.PNG I have a real soft spot for the tiny flour sack prints of the 30's. So when I spotted this jelly roll of 30's Playtime from Moda, it just had to come home. While pre cuts can be a bit limiting design wise, they certainly speed up projects. Something I appreciate when I only get to sew evenings and weekends. Sometimes I just want to feel like my project is actually moving and I accomplished something that evening.

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More Ottoman Fun

I'm super excited to say my ottoman is now done and wow is it huge! I read the size the directions gave, but when you see it in person it's just well...so much! Ha! Part one of my progress can be seen here. Here it is sitting on 12" tiles to help put things into perspective.

IMG_7128.JPG This project was a fiberfill eating monster! I am seriously glad I bought two packages of fluff, because all 10 pounds of it went in and I honestly could have used a little bit more. I had planned to make a pillow from the fabric scraps but now, well...it's going to be a tad bit difficult till I get more stuffing. Continue reading
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Fabulous Fabric Friday

Since I have started back up sewing again, I have slowly been trying to start a fabric stash. Admittedly usually I like to make things by collections, but sometimes singles leap off the shelf at me and beg to be taken home. Some of the upcoming photos are of fabrics already tabbed for upcoming projects, others just because I thought they could make themselves handy in the future. This first one of atomic cats is going to be a skirt! I'm pretty chuffed about finding it. I have been on a bit of a 50s fashion kick for a while now and I simply couldn't pass up the golden opportunity. :3

IMG_7109.JPG Something about these uneven polka dots makes them super fun to me and so many projects come to mind for their use. Plus they come in a huge array of colors both bright and pastel. I'm trying to find the neutral colors too, but I think I have waited too long to buy them and their being elusive. Continue reading
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Quilty Fun – Green Batiks

Quilt in progress

IMG_7097-1.PNG A lot has happened in my life in the past few years and I find myself drawn again to the crisp feel of fabric in my hands and a strong desire to sew. Sewing for me means quilts and home decor, as while I adore looking at clothing patterns I don't find myself the most efficient at this time. So occasionally I might dabble, but it's only occasionally. Of course I say this while I have skirt pattern and fabric ready (fabric just purchased last weekend, I've had the pattern for months.). LOL More on that adventure later I suppose. It has been four years since I was able to finish my last quilt. I have started two but had to pack them away each time for a move and they never were finished. Right now I am lucky enough to be building a house and so I hope this means I won't have to move again for quiet some time. Having moved three times in the last four years, you can understand how I might be tired of it. But anyway, I digress... My first quilt of this year was made using green and cream batiks, a type of fabric I am drawn to strongly but don't own near enough! ­čÖé I picked up Strip Therapy 5 by Brenda Henning, grabbed a gorgeous Bali Pop in Taffy from Robert Hoffman and got to work. Continue reading
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