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Lacky Packs Strike Twice

So innocently I stopped by the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shop for some reservation business (ordered my guy a tie, yea!) and was amazed that there were still lucky packs!! D: So what’s a lady to do? Why give … Continue reading

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It’s A Victorian Sugar Bouquet Day!

I’m ecstatic to say that today was a package today! At last I finally have in my hands a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright “Victorian Sugar Bouquet” JSK!! This arrival means that at long last I have finally gotten my … Continue reading

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Btssb Lucky Pack Day

Today was my first time staking out Baby, the Stars Shine Bright for lucky packs. I have heard stories about crazy amounts of people showing up and saw a huge line during the summer when I was passing by but … Continue reading

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Btssb 10/14 Fashion Show

There are so many lovely outfits in these clips….but I have to say, my favorite is definitely the Alice and the Pirates black dress at the end of the first video. I keep hoping it will come up for order … Continue reading

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The World’s Grandest Party´╗┐ of Lolita

(My bad dearies, I thought I had posted this waaaaay back when!) This past weekend on October 23rd, Misako was looking for the next Momoko Ryugasaki of Kamikaze Girls film fame! She toured many filming locations in the town of … Continue reading

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Btssb Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

This past weekend on October 14th; Baby, the Stars Shine Bright held their much anticipated ~For pure maidens~ The magical tea party from “Hoshi no Namida Princess” and 2011 Autumn/Winter fashion show. It was held inside a beautiful ball room … Continue reading

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