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Flying to San Francisco

Catching the flight from Houston to San Francisco was a early one. Had to wake up at 5:30am so I could have time to pack up, grab some breakfast at the 24 hour dinner, say goodbye to family and then … Continue reading

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Last Full Day In Texas

After all of the craziness with the movers I was very much looking forward to a Friday of nothing but errands and socializing with family before a very early Saturday flight. Kicked off the day with breakfast at the hotel, … Continue reading

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How To Move Your Things 1,926 Miles

Now that I have had a little time to breath and rest after the crazy move I thought it was about time I finally get a blog post up about it. Truly this whole thing has been quiet crazy and … Continue reading

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I’m Lost Beneath The Boxes

So this picture pretty much sums up the last week around here, insane amounts of packing. Welcome to what used to be my dinning room, which is now completely full of boxes. I’m up to around 60+ boxes and still … Continue reading

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Good Food, Tunes and Packing

The past two weeks have seriously been a roller coaster, but I’m hanging on as best I can. ^_^ The move has been expedited to the end of the month. Yep, that’s roughly about three weeks for me to get … Continue reading

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Life Rushes Up, Preparing to Cast Off

There has been a lot going on around here, so much sometimes that I feel like my head is going to either spin off my shoulders or split and just fall off. Pretty much my every waking moment is filled … Continue reading

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